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Expectations & Floor Care

  • What To Expect
  • What Not To Expect
  • Cleaning

Beauty: Nothing else gives a house the look of a home like wood floors.

Options: With uncountable species of wood and so many finishing techniques you can achieve any look imaginable.

Versatility: If you decide to make the shiny room dull or the dark room light, call us and within days the look of a room or your entire home.

Durability: With normal use a quality finish will resist wear for many, many years. Even with extreme wear, even in the kitchen or bathroom, within a couple of days we can turn your old floors into new again.

Value: Not many things you do to your home can so quickly add value and desirability to a prospective buyer.

Furniture Grade Finish: Floors are finished in an imperfect environment. Every precaution is taken to ensure a clean, uniform finish but, the situations in which we work must account for some room for imperfections.

Perfectly Tight: We are diligent about our install procedures but even in a climate controlled home, the wood is going to move a little by nature. The best defense is to humidify and dehumidify as necessary and know small gapping during dry periods is common and natural.

Monochrome: A 1000 sq/ft floor is made up of roughly 1500 boars and it is impossible to get even the finest quality stock to not have significant variations. Some woods will vary more than others. Taking this into consideration when choosing stock can reduce the chance of any issues after it is too late.

Make Damaged Wood New: Some significantly stained floors may not sand completely clean. Also stains from carpet fasteners and knife cuts can be some of the worst to remove from your floor.

Smell, Noise, Dust Free: When sanding and finishing a lot of dust is created and will require cleaning when done. Vacuuming of surfaces will be done but no finish cleaning is to be expected. Our finishes smell (even the water based) and will dissipate after a day or so but there is no way to avoid this. Purchasing the services of our Dustless Sanding System will greatly reduce/nullify this nasty inconvenience.

Every Day Cleaning: Use BONA Wood Floor Care Formula per instructions. This will leave your floor streak free and limit how slippery the floor is. This also will reduce a residue build up.

Deep Clean: Use HOT water and a spounge mop. Squeeze out excess water and scrub with soft spounge side. Careful not to leave standing water on surface.